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Ideas & Uses > A New Season - New Clipart for Your Best JetBands® Wristbands Yet!


Is there anything better than summer? Outdoor parties, family get-togethers, entertaining community events… it’s the time of year we all look forward to. And yet, pulling all your plans together and organizing these experiences so they go off without a hitch can get overwhelming. But, you don’t have to do it all on your own!

We’re always looking for ways to upgrade the JetBands® experience of creating your own event wristbands to help you better facilitate the event or party of your dreams. This month, we’re sharing 15 brand-new clipart categories with over 650 graphics so you can achieve exactly that.

Continue scrolling to see the newest updates to our clipart gallery, as well as easy ways to bring them to life.

Parties + community events

Before the JetBands® clipart refresh, you could already find a large selection of graphics covering an assortment of themes including music, clothing, gaming, holidays, seasons, parties, and the classroom. You could also upload your own photo, graphic, or logo. However, in an effort to better serve our customers like you, we asked for feedback on how to improve the experience. The most common response we received is that you wanted more clipart choices to make your JetBands® wristbands shine. So, we listened!

Our new clipart graphics align perfectly with this summer’s festivities of birthday parties, family reunions, charity events, business grand openings, fundraisers, weddings, and more:

Parties + Family Get Togethers

Community Events, Businesses, and Volunteering

Kids + Learning-friendly events or programs

Aside from the countless summer celebrations, there are also plenty of activities centered around learning and extracurriculars that require just as much preparation and development. Summer education curriculums, sports programs, theater and day camps…. all can benefit from using customized bracelets. For example, Jetbands® are a great solution if you need to identify certain age groups or provide chaperone contact information. Or, consider designing your printable wrist bracelets to serve as proof of admission to functions like performances, designated program levels, or access on specific event days.

Featured below are additional clipart categories geared towards learning and educational programs in particular:


Your opinions are essential and allow us to keep our JetBands® wristband’s creative tools innovative and relevant, so thank you!

Did we miss something? If you have a suggestion for a clipart category or background theme you would like to see, email us at And don’t forget to tag us with #JetBands or #HowDoYouJetBand when you try out any of our new clipart graphics!

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