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Ideas & Uses > Back-to-School with JetBands®

Back-to-school with JetBands

The end of August for most people is filled with talk about Labor Day parties or final summer trips. For teachers, however, it's time to start lesson planning and thinking of the next school year ahead. With JetBands®, you can implement endless ideas for creative learning and fun in your classroom. 

Below, we offer a few extra ideas for your toolbox when it comes to:

  • Classroom organization and decoration
  • Classroom and outdoor activities
  • Off-campus field-trips

start the new school year with fresh ideas

Organization & Classroom Decoration

The beginning of the school year brings a fresh supply of pencils, erasers, and crayons. Take any size mason jar and quickly turn it into storage for frequently used writing utensils by wrapping a JetBands® label around the top. The fact that glass jars are transparent means your students can easily find the tool they need out in the open. You can choose to type out your label with our Online Designer tool, or handwrite on your JetBands® with a permanent marker or pen.  

Interactive Learning

Many teachers use their bulletin boards to create a theme for the school year, quarter, or lesson plan. Something you can easily add to your bulletin board is themed wristbands that your students can take back with them to their desks - or bring home for homework time. 

Additionally, you can utilize homemade wristbands to allow your students to be hands-on with an array of activities. For example:

1. Student-Made Bookmarks

JetBands bookmarks

2. Countdown Chain to your classroom Halloween party or Thanksgiving break

JetBands Countdown Chain

3. Acts of Kindness Challenge

Similar to a countdown chain, you can hang up an Acts of Kindness Challenge in your classroom using printable Jetbands®. Simply peel off the adhesive tab of each wristband and attach it to the end of the paper chain. Have students contribute their own act of kindness (i.e. I helped shovel) and watch your chain grow!

Take learning on the go with jetbands® wristbands

Now that you have your indoor classroom organized, it’s time to think about the outdoor adventures you'll take your class on this school year. 


Between collecting permission slips, reminding students to bring their lunch, and coordinating chaperones, there’s also the logistics of booking the field trip location. Make things just a tad easier on yourself and create the following field trip necessities with JetBands®:

  1. Contact Info Bands

2. Permission Slip Armbands

3. Reminder Bands i.e. pack a bagged lunch, school photos tomorrow, etc. 

Outdoor Learning 

Personalize your classroom and learning materials according to exactly what your students are learning. With the JetBands® Online Designer tool, you’re able to upload as many graphics or images as you can fit, and choose the colors of text that best match your assignment theme.

For younger students, a wearable nature scavenger hunt is an easy way to immerse them in an outdoor learning experience (watch our video above for ideas on how to do your own!). Don’t forget, you can always download our Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator template to unlock a fully customizable template.

even more jetbands inspiration

  • Hand out quiet wristbands for a chatty class
  • Print bi-lingual wristbands for foreign language vocabulary practice

Organizing and planning your classroom and lesson plans may not be easy work. However, if you utilize a few of our shortcuts using JetBands®, you’ll be able to put your feet up in no time and enjoy those remaining summer days! Remember – our Jetbands® wristbands are now available at Walmart stores, as well as online

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