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Ideas & Uses > Boost School Spirit with JetBands<sup>®</sup>

JetBands are super useful for boosting school spirit on campus. Design wristbands in school colors to promote game days or special events to generate anticipation and get students involved in campus activities.

  • Promote big events such as the soccer tournament or forensics competition with brightly colored wristbands. When the entire football team or theater troupe wears the same wristband, other students will notice and seek more information.

  • On spirit days, deck-out the wristbands with school colors and the school's name, motto, or core values and distribute to students in homeroom. The matching bands create a sense of unity among students and promote school pride.​​

  • Give out JetBands® that celebrate the year’s graduating class. The wristbands can bring seniors together and serve as fun spiritwear. Try putting a fun-loving twist on the design, such as identifying students who are being “quarantined for Senioritis.”

  • JetBands® also make compact (and unlosable) schedules for special events. Track meets, soccer tournaments, AP or standardized testing days, field days, and high-interest days all require students to follow a strict schedule and manage many details. Design miniature schedules and print them on JetBands® so each student knows where to be and when.

The easy-to-print sheets and the online wristband designer make creating colorful and inexpensive spiritwear a stress-free experience. 

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