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Ideas & Uses > Counting Down to Spring with JetBands®

What types of projects or holidays spice up this time of year for you? Here at JetBands®, we love any reason to pull open the craft drawers and pull together friends and family. If you happen to be looking for inspiration as well, keep reading.

february 22nd is national margarita day

As if you really needed an excuse to enjoy a margarita, February 22nd is National Margarita Day! Luckily, there are a million and one unique recipes for mixing up your margarita game (pun intended). So instead, we’ll focus on a few tips for throwing a get together for your fellow margarita-loving friends or neighbors with your print-at-home JetBands® wristbands.

We don’t like fighting for elbow space at the nearest cocktail bar, and our guess is that neither do you or your friends. With a cocktail party held at your home, you get to design your own drink menu and of course - hand-pick all of the other fun details for your guests.

Wondering how we made our Margarita party wristbands below? We chose the Crystal Green and Crystal Yellow themes with our online designer to start. Next, we did some brainstorming on the text we wanted to have on our party JetBands®. We decided we’d like to have a witty saying that doubled as a conversation starter for guests as they grabbed their drinks. Lastly, we chose a graphic from the JetBands® clipart library or uploaded our own that would put a smile on our guests’ face.


february is national bake for family fun month


February is also home to National Bake for Family Fun Month. Spend those cold, indoor weekends baking your favorite recipes and begin those valuable cooking skills early for your kids. Not only is baking an inexpensive family activity, it also provides a delicious reward.

You might start to gather your necessary ingredients and realize things aren’t as organized you thought. It’s a perfect time to print out some JetBands® and use them as labels around your flour or sugar jars, and it can help your children easily tell the difference during your baking and prevent mix-ups, too.

it's time for spring!

Once February is over, it’s time for Spring!

Plenty of adults and kids alike look forward to spring as a delightful end to a sometimes very long winter season. If your family or classroom is looking forward to spring break, we think a countdown chain is a great way to put the excitement down on paper.


For a classroom setting, you can use the countdown chain to put the actual number of school days left until Spring Break. Feel free to ask your students how they would like to theme this countdown, or incorporate it into upcoming lessons. For your family vacation to Disney World for example, we like the idea of putting the characters we’re most excited to see on the trip.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for getting through the rest of winter, and jump-starting your excitement for Spring. Don’t forget – if you run out of JetBands®, they’re sold both online and at Walmart stores. Simply use our store locator tool to find the closest Walmart they are sold in. Easy!

Lastly - make sure you share your designs at #JetBands or #HowDoYouJetBand for a chance to be featured in our feeds or future blogs!

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