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Ideas & Uses > Crafting Paper Pumpkins with JetBands<sup>®</sup>
Crafting fall-themed decorations is a great way to get ready for the season. This 3D pumpkin is a simple project that kids of any age can do. The result is fun, homemade pumpkins that can be strewn around the home or classroom. The vertical lines will resemble those of a pumpkin! 
The best part about using JetBands® for this project is the built-in adhesive. No messy hot glue or tape needed! All you need is a sheet of JetBands® with an orange or green/yellow background to resemble pumpkins and gourds or design a festive Fall pattern like ours. 
Once you’ve designed and printed your JetBands®, pull the individual bands apart.
Then, take one band and connect the ends with the built-in adhesive to make circle, just like a wristband.
Next, take another JetBand and connect its ends, this time crossing it over the first band. Continue to wrap the bands around the others, securing them in different directions so that a sphere begins to form.
Once you have a pumpkin, create the look of a vine or stem with a paper bow or by wrapping another JetBand around the pumpkin and connecting the two ends at the top. You can also use a green paper clip if you want to hang it.
Decorate the house, office, or classroom to capture the mood of autumn, or use string or fishing wire to create a garland that can be hung over doorways or on the wall!
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