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Ideas & Uses > Create a Countdown Chain with JetBands<sup>®</sup>

Everyone has milestones or events that they look forward to. Sometimes you circle a date on the calendar or put a notification in your phone, but you can also create a countdown chain!

Countdown chains are perfect for building anticipation and then finally celebrating that day you've been waiting for!

 Countdown Chain Sheets Fanned OutPRINT OUT countdown days

Depending on how many days you would like to start counting down from, you can use one sheet or all ten! In this example, we are counting down one month - 30 days. You can download this template below. We recommend using bright colors and fun patterns to make your countdown chain look awesome!

Countdown Chain Being Assembledassemble your countdown chain

Assembling your countdown chain is fairly easy. Just tear apart the JetBands® at the perforations and remove the adhesives. Loop the JetBands® and link them together starting with Day 1 -- then Day 2 -- all the way to your last day. In this example we used three sheets of JetBands® to make a 30-Day countdown chain.

Countdown Chain Hanging on Fabric Bulletin Board WallHang your countdown chain

After your countdown chain is completely assembled, hang it up somewhere you can see it every day. We recommend using push pins on a cork board or bulletin board. You can also use scotch tape or hooks. Each day that passes, remove a link to count down to that long-awaited day!

Download links

30-Day Countdown Chain Template

White Swoosh 2