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Ideas & Uses > Dial-Up Creativity at Your Back to School Events with JetBands®!


Crisp, colorful leaves are about to be our backdrop in the coming weeks. This has us excited for the many creative ways to start off a new school year using printable JetBands®. Do you have an open house to plan or other fall activities or events to organize? Printable wristbands can make your life that much easier. Below we inspire you with a few ways to make your event stand out – we hope you enjoy them!

Fall Fundraisers, Book Fairs, and More


Turn up the creativity at this year's fundraisers by designing your own event bracelets. For example, host a spirited fundraiser in the form of a football tailgating party. Your JetBands® can act as raffle tickets when it’s time to call out the winner. Simply number your wristbands either using the Online Designer Tool or Adobe Illustrator template, and the work is done for you.

Also, JetBands® wristbands make admission to your event a breeze. Sell your wristbands ahead of time and you’ll know exactly how many attendees to expect and prepare for. 

Or if it's a challenge to keep parents in the loop on every event, send those important dates home with your students. Reminder wristbands act as great conversation starters at the dinner table; they can even double as permission slips. And rest assured, they won't be lost on the way home or back to the classroom.

Empower Your Students During Class Elections


Are your students ready to inspire change this school year with class elections? Give them the tools to be successful and think outside the box. Student candidates are eager to get their campaigns started, and JetBands® wristbands can help! Using our Online Designer Tool, students can personalize their wristbands with their name and slogan - even add a full color photo - in just five minutes. Poof - they have stylish and unique campaign wristbands to hand out to classmates.


What about your other exciting student elections like Homecoming court? Your kids want to reach as many people as possible to show they are an ideal representative of school spirit and community. The most important part of any student campaign? Be yourself! When it comes time to vote, personalized JetBands® make it clear who should get the crown!

Use JetBands® for Helping Parents Stay in the Know


The fall season is packed full of special events to plan and pull off without a hitch. Here's a short list of some of our favorite ways to use JetBands®:

  • School Picture day
  • Sports Assemblies
  • Theater Auditions
  • Student Clubs

Reminder wristbands for School Picture Day means parents and students are prepared to look their best. And everyone will love the final result that much more! For student clubs or organizations, a package of JetBands® can unlock dozens of ideas for competitions or giveaways.

We believe starting the new school year off on the right foot is easy. With all the ways to keep your events simple and fun, it's no wonder teachers and parents love JetBands®! However you bring your JetBands® to life this school year, make sure you share the love. Tag us with #JetBands and you could be featured on our Facebook or Instagram page!

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