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Ideas & Uses > How To Use The JetBands<sup>®</sup> Online Designer

jetbands® can go from the package to your wrist in just a matter of minutes

Design your print-at-home JetBands

Below, we share our tips for getting the most out of our Online Designer feature and designing wristbands you’re proud to wear! To create your print-at-home JetBands®, there are four steps:

1. Select a Background Theme
2. Add Text
3. Add Graphics or Logos
4. Download Your Design

The jetbands® Design Process

When you first arrive on our Online Designer page, you can see a blue bar that will walk you through all four steps of completing your design. Below that bar, you’ll be able to see your JetBand® design in real-time as you add or remove themes, graphics, or text.

Design JetBands on your smartphone

There is no app or special access required to design your wristbands. Instead, just head to in any browser either on your desktop computer or on your smartphone.

Let's Start with step 1: select a background theme

Here you have over 120 different background themes that include a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to start with. The theme you choose to use will work as the canvas for you to then add text and graphics. If you’re not looking to fully customize every detail of your JetBands® wristbands, we have pre-made themes to keep things simple. Once you’ve selected your background theme, you can move onto Step 2.

Step 2: Add text 

Whether you have a lot or a little to say on your JetBands®, adding text is easy in our Online Designer. Click the blue button labeled “Add New Text” and a new text box will appear. Here you can play with changing the font family, font size, font color, and even add apply a shadow effect to your text. Use the blue squares around your text box to relocate your text to another part of your JetBand, or the arrow to change the angle of your text.

Step 3: Add Graphics

Click the blue button labeled “Add Graphic” to start adding visual elements to your wristband design. To access our vast clip art library or upload your own art, click “change” under the “no logo” box. Use the “Upload” menu option to use your own logo or photo (just make sure the files are GIF, PNG, or JPG format).

Additionally, there are plenty of resources to find your own graphics either for free or for a small fee. Our favorites include: or One last tip – make sure to choose simple enough graphics or photos so that they are decipherable once on your wristbands.

Step 4: Download your jetbands® design 

This final design step to finish your JetBands is your chance to check spelling, the clarity of your graphics or images, and ensure the placement of your text is correct. If you need to adjust a detail or two, just click the arrow next to “Previous Step” and you’ll be able to change any part of your JetBands® design.

Once your design is downloaded to your computer or smartphone, you’ll able to print your wristbands. Thorough printing instructions can be found in your JetBands package or you can find them here.

what do you want to see added to the online designer?

We’re always adding new colors, patterns, textures, designs, and graphics to our Online Designer so that your JetBands® stay fresh. If you have any suggestions for ones that we should add, let us know. You can submit your recommendations by email or by tagging us on social media.

If you need some inspiration before you make your own JetBands, we have plenty of easy ideas on our blog. Check it out!

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