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Ideas & Uses > JetBands<sup>®</sup> in the Classroom


jetbands-super-star.jpgJetBands® can be used to reward students for a job well done and remind them that hard work and kindness don’t go unnoticed.

Wristbands make great rewards for students who demonstrate academic excellence or whose work deserves to be called out. Giving all the students who earned A's on their tests a special wristband can encourage students who earned lower grades to study harder for the next one.

Create a “Student of the Day” award, and present it to the child who completed all their homework for the week or went above and beyond for a classmate.

Many classrooms use some sort of “reward bin” stocked with candy, small toys, or other prizes for general use. Consider adding colorful wristbands to the mix and handing them out as you see fit.

With JetBands®, the possibilities for helping kids thrive in the classroom are endless. So get creative with the easy-to-use online designer.

Download Great Job Template

Download Super Star Template

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