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Ideas & Uses > JetBands<sup>®</sup> for Baby Showers
JetBands® are ideal for facilitating fun at parties and celebrations such as baby showers. From creating colorful keepsakes to organizing games, JetBands® can help make your baby-centric festivities memorable. 
For example, let everyone at the party know who the VIPs in your baby’s life will be. Grandmas, godmothers, and aunts can celebrate their special status, and big sisters or brothers won’t feel left out with a personalized wristband they can show-off to guests.
You can also print guests’ names atop a template in lieu of traditional name tags. Consider splitting guests into three or four groups —family, friends, co-workers, and childhood friends—and designing the wristbands with different colors, patterns, and text. With JetBands®, it’s clear how each guest knows the mother-to-be.

JetBands® also make excellent complements to baby-shower games and activities. The classic shower game Don’t Say Baby can easily incorporate the wristbands. Give each guest five “don’t say baby” wristbands when they arrive. If one guest hears another say the word “baby,” he or she gets to take the other person’s wristband. The guest with the most “don’t say baby” bands at the end of the shower wins a prize.
Download Don't Say Baby Template

Other party games can also be enhanced or made simpler with JetBands® in one or a variety of patterns or styles.


  • Guess the Gender: As guests arrive, give them the choice of two wristbands: one with a baby-boy motif and one with a girl’s. Later, reveal the baby-to-be’s gender. Guests who guessed correctly win a prize.

Download Girls Jetbands® Template
Download Boy Jetbands® Template

  • Wristband Raffle: Design several baby-themed wristbands (think baby bottles, pacifiers, bibs, or one-piece suits). Throughout the day, announce that the guest wearing the “baby bottle” or “pacifier” wristband wins a prize.
  • Wristband Detectives: Hide the pre-decorated wristbands around the house or yard before the party. Tell guests there are a certain number of bracelets to find, and award the most wristband-laden guests for his or her detective skills.
Your closest friends and family members are nearly as excited as you are for your baby’s arrival. A well-designed wristband, complete with the party’s date or the baby’s due date, can be an easy way to keep the shower organized or a meaningful keepsake for guests to cherish or put in scrapbooks.
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