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Ideas & Uses > JetBands<sup>®</sup> for Bachelorette Parties

Gear for your bridal party is a must-have these days, but the costs can get out of hand faster than you’d think. Flex your creative muscles and design a series of wedding-themed JetBands® to personalize your bachelorette bash without going over budget.

  • Instead of making t-shirts or hats your bridesmaids probably won’t wear again, print the name of your bridal party on inexpensive JetBands®. You can customize the color and look of the words “Team Bride,” “Bride Tribe,” or “I Do Crew” so that they capture your style and match the party's theme or ambiance.

  • Continue the “Team Bride” theme or print out JetBands® with your friends’ names, nicknames, or roles in the wedding party. Show the world who your maid of honor is, or just let everyone in the club know who’s in charge of getting everyone onto the dance floor.

  • Print your perfectly crafted wedding hashtag on JetBands® and hand them out to your friends to wear so they’ll remember to post pictures to Twitter and other social platforms throughout the party.

  • Get playful and print out wristbands with phrases like “If lost, return to Kelly’s bachelorette party!” or “What happens at the bachelorette party…” to add a little humor and edge to the festivities.

If you want the partygoers to be able to express themselves more freely, create multiple designs and print several of each. Your friends can mix and match designs, creating a unique-to-them bracelet stack that still celebrates you and your big day.

Download Bride Tribe Template

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