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Ideas & Uses > JetBands<sup>®</sup> for Make Believe


Cops and Robbers, the popular variation on Tag, can be enhanced by designing two JetBands® templates: one for the cops—decorated in blue and gold and finished with sheriff’s stars—and one with gray chain links to mimic the look of handcuffs for the robbers.

Just like the traditional game, split kids into two groups, designating one group as “cops” and the other “robbers.” Distribute the wristbands and have the groups separate.  Give the robbers 15 seconds to scatter across the playground or yard, and then let the cops loose! The cops can keep track of who is a robber, and who is a fellow cop, by looking at the JetBands® and can also collect the captured robbers’ wristbands to count how many bad guys they caught.

Superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain America, and Supergirl are timeless figures in children’s movies and books. With JetBands®, kids can decorate and wear wristcuffs like their favorite heroes.

Simply design the wristbands in superhero colors and decorate with their symbols: gold bands with red stars for young Wonder Women or black bands with the bat symbol for aspiring Batmen, for example.

Suggest kids pretend to be superheroes and protect the backyard from villains or let them sport pride for their favorite superheroes at school.

When kids are in the mood for a little make believe, help them go with the creative flow and print up JetBands® for whatever strikes their fancy. Have wristband designs on-hand for Hogwarts houses, Pokemon Go! teams, Power Rangers, or whichever cuff-wearing characters your kids love most. 

Download Hand Cuff Template for Cops and Robbers

Download Sheriff Badge Template for Cops and Robbers

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