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Ideas & Uses > JetBands® | Summer Camp Style


Here at JetBands®, we love summer. But what are the best ways for your kids to spend their free time during these free beautiful months? If you happen to be a summer camp director or counselor, you would agree that camp is an invaluable opportunity for kids to gain greater responsibility, learn teamwork, and master skills – all while having fun outdoors.

Below, we share a few of our favorite aspects of summer camp and how JetBands® can offer a new twist to your planned activities and skill-building for your campers.

Let campers wear their accomplishments loud and proud

Showcase your campers as they take on new heights – literally and figuratively – with DIY JetBands® wristbands.

Customize your activity bracelets down to every detail, including things such as: bunk name, age group, and even details about their new accomplishment.

Jetbands for Summer Camp

When a camper completes a difficult challenge, let them design their own printable wristbands that they can proudly wear for the entire week. Some ideas include:

  1. Pass an open water swim test
  2. Complete a series of tennis or rock-climbing lessons
  3. Finish a sailing certification

With all of the available sports and activities available to your campers, it’s likely that a wristband will need to hold up for several days while they swim, sweat, and play. It’s a good thing that JetBands® are both water-resistant and durable for days of wear.

let creativity run wild at camp

JetBands for Summer Camp

Planning and organizing the right activities for the upcoming camp session can be stressful. Luckily, JetBands® can be used for hundreds of things in addition to wristbands and they can even be designed by your campers all on their own.

JetBands for Summer Camp

Below are a few easy examples you can try out:

  1. Keep track of which campers received their s’more, ice cream, t-shirt, etc. at the Bonfire Party
  2. Help campers from losing their reusable water bottle by wrapping a wristband label on it
  3. Friendship bracelets
  4. A hiking-friendly scavenger hunt

making a walmart run? pick up jetbands®

When you’re ready to start to packing, don’t forget to pick up a package of JetBands® from your nearest Walmart. With one hundred paper Tyvek® wristbands per package, the possibilities are endless. You – and your campers – can get as creative as you’d like and have a camp that will go down in the books.  

What are you some of your favorite activities to plan for your campers? Share with us on social media by tagging us with the hashtag #JetBands. 

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