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Ideas & Uses > Jump Into the School Year with JetBands®

The transition from summer break to a new school year is full of great opportunities to jumpstart a new level of learning. Start this school year on the right foot with our fresh ideas to use your JetBands® below. Not to mention – September 8th is International Literacy Day – a perfect opportunity to show appreciation for our teachers talk about literacy beyond our own classrooms.

Give students a fresh start with a jetbands® reading challenge

Not all students are able to keep up with their reading and learning over the summer break. Give them a fresh start with a simple reading challenge. Your students will undoubtedly be at slightly different reading levels so instead, offer a range of genres and number of books they can finish as part of the challenge. This way, every student win!

Wondering how JetBands® can help with a reading challenge? Take your list of books available in your reading challenge, and design JetBands® with the titles. As a student finishes a book and turns in their reading log, they get to take a wristband to wear for the day. This shows they completed reading another book in the challenge.

Or, create a more group-centric reading challenge with JetBands®. As a student completes a book, have them take one of the printed JetBands® and add it to the reading challenge chain on your bulletin board. This is a fun way to see which books your students are liking the most, and open up a conversation between students about what they enjoyed about each book they finished.

September 8th is Unesco's international literacy day

September 8th is UNESCO’s International Literacy Day – and a great day to use JetBands® to create awareness on global adult and child literacy. This day is all about sharing the changes and improvements happening worldwide in literacy development, something your students could benefit learning about.

If you are a parent, International Literacy Day is a great time to let your children’s teachers know you appreciate them.

prepare for school projects or the classroom with jetbands®

Don’t forget – JetBands® can be found at your local Walmart as well as at our website Our Online Designer tool makes your JetBands® designs easy to create in a matter of minutes.

We have over one hundred colors, designs, and themes that you can get started with and customize with text, graphics, and even photos. Want to create a reminder band for your students to continue their reading at home? We have a pre-made design for that!

When you put your wristbands to use, make sure to snap a photo and tag us on social media with the hashtag #JetBands. If you want more inspiration for your JetBands®, browse through our other blogs:

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