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Ideas & Uses > Keep the Family Busy + Having Fun this Summer Break with JetBands®


In just a few weeks, summer break will soon be here! So now is the time to start brainstorming on what events and activities you can enjoy with family and friends to make the most of the sunny season.

Whether you create a bucket list or activity calendar for yourself or your family, or just want a few ideas to fall back on when you’re feeling uninspired, we’ve got you covered. In this week’s blog, we share some of our tried-and-true summertime ventures guaranteed to bring the fun. And the best part? They are all budget-friendly!

#1 Spend the Afternoon at the Library

During the busy school year, things like classes, homework, sports, and clubs can really consume a large portion of your child’s life. Summer break really allows for parents and kids to spend more quality, one-on-one time together without the added distractions. And while there’s plenty of excursions to embark upon like the beach, amusement park, museum, zoo, etc., there are some places that are much closer, less strenuous, and more cost-effective. Our personal favorite is the public library.

As you know, your local library has an endless array of books, movies, and music to get lost in. But many libraries offer various classes and workshops to city residents; everything from STEM learning, to book clubs, to film matinees, and much more. The library serves as a great resource for numerous forms of recreation in the community and is open to anyone.


To keep on the literary theme, consider drawing creativity from your checked-out books or movies and construct your own story writing prompts or homemade bookmarks using JetBands®. Use our online designer tool to choose your background theme, font style and size, text and graphics. The possibilities are literally endless!

#2 Stay Cool with Waterparks, Splash Pads, and Pools


It’s important to stay cool in the summer, so it’s no wonder that another beloved pastime of the season is going to waterparks, community pools, and splash pads. If your kids are the type that can spend all day at such places, why not buy a season pass and save money? Additionally, you can arrange a carpool with neighbors, friends, or the babysitter for a weekly visit.

If sending your child off without you gives a little cause for concern, print off a JetBands® wristband with your contact info and adhere to your youngster’s wrist. The wristband will give everyone peace of mind during all the excitement of water slides, popsicles, and cannon balls! And don’t worry about a little H2O affecting your band… JetBands® are waterproof, so your designs won’t streak or smudge.

#3 Yard Games and Beyond

JetBands for family games.jpg

With the inviting summer weather abound, taking advantage of the warm and relaxing conditions is a no-brainer. One of the best ways to do this is by establishing activities and games that encourage others to participate. If your family and neighbors have a competitive spirit, events like relay races, water balloon fights, or jump rope contests might be just the thing to get everyone outside into the fresh air, enjoying the festivities together. To designate sides or smaller squads, use JetBands® to create custom logos/messages and amp up the team spirit.

Geocaching is also a thrilling way to get out and explore your town. This real-world treasure hunt using GPS and navigational techniques has become increasingly popular in recent years. You might even discover a new favorite locale such as a biking trail or playground while looking for your buried trinkets! Consider leaving behind your own unique knick-knack, possibly fashioned with a JetBand reading “___ was here!”

#4 Ideas for a Rainy Day

JetBands for a rainy day.jpg

When the rain just won’t let up, it’s good to have some indoor activities in your back pocket that are just as entertaining as your outdoor ones. We love the idea of throwing together an informal cooking class for the neighborhood kiddos. This is a great, interactive opportunity for each child to demonstrate their cooking and baking skills while teaching their friends what they know. Easy ideas include: pizza night, baked potato bar, and frosted cookies. Lastly, there are endless amounts of scrapbooking or craft projects that are easy to pick up and work on gradually such as knitting, beading, or coloring.

Now that we’ve compiled some fun-in-the-sun ideas in preparation for summer, we hope planning for those much anticipated months away from school has become easier and more economical. Make sure you tag your summertime JetBands® designs and applications with our hashtag #JetBands!

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