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Ideas & Uses > Make Your Cause Visible with JetBands®

reach as many people as possible 

JetBands for a cause

JetBands® wristbands are one simple way for your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc., to be walking, talking billboards for your cause.

There are endless causes that affect our children that are in desperate need of further study and awareness. You can make an impact with your own awareness JetBands® wristbands that spark conversation between school staff, teachers, parents, co-workers, and more.

Education and awareness go a long way in helping your child – and other peoples’ children – receive the assistance they need to have a positive experience at school and at other activities. A simple way to create a conversation with others on a cause that’s important to you or your family is with custom wristbands.

JetBands® allow you to craft your message, graphics, and colors that best align with your cause. With our Online Designer tool, you can easily create a different awareness band for adults to wear, as well as for your children or friends’ children.

spreading awareness on and offline

JetBands for a cause

Social media’s power to spread the word is undeniable, however – there is plenty of conversation that can happen around your cause offline. Turn your best supporters into promoters for your cause with your custom-made JetBands®.

If you are looking to collect money to further research on your cause, you can even use your JetBands® to collect donations. It’s a simple, passive way to start the awareness conversation!

Is your school holding a student activity fair? Propose a table that provides information regarding your cause, and provide JetBands® wristbands for attendants to walk away with further education.

start planning your awareness or fundraising campaign today 

JetBands for a cause

Did you know there are over a dozen causes just around children’s health in the next few months? Below we share a few awareness days/weeks/months that may be relevant to you.


start creating your own jetbands®

JetBands for a cause

Inspire a sense of community and support your cause with DIY JetBands®! To get started, pick up your pack of 100 blank printable wristbands at your nearest Walmart or you can order online here.

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