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Ideas & Uses > Making JetBands® Apart of Teacher Appreciation Week

Do you have a teacher (or ten) in your life that deserve recognition? Then you’re in luck! May 6th-10th is Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day is celebrated on May 7th. 

Below is inspiration for both big and small acts of kindness you can put into action through your school’s PTO or at home with the family. And believe it or not, JetBands® can easily be part of all the fun! Let us share how.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas for PTOs

Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) work towards making their schools the ideal place for kids to thrive. The main goal of these groups is to advocate for improvements in the lives of youth through the volunteerism of parents and support from teachers. So it is no wonder why through those dedicated teachers students grow and learn beyond what would be possible without them.

As such, giving back to those educators through this organization is a natural fit! Here are some recommendations on how to show your gratitude with the help of your school’s local PTO:

  • A teacher lounge makeover
  • Potluck meal
  • Off-site luncheon
  • Classroom volunteering
  • Individual or group gifts

Wish to add a tailored touch to one of these suggestions? Incorporate JetBands® into the mix by designing a custom hang tag to include with your present or creating personalized decorations (think paper chains or streamer mobiles!)

We Love the Idea of Small - but Mighty - Acts of Appreciation

Spreading out your celebratory activities over the course of Teacher Appreciation Week by performing small- but mighty- acts of kindness and gratitude, often has a big impact and gives your teachers a rewarding feeling. Some of our favorite good deeds to show thanks include:

  • Homemade cards from students, parents, and other staff members
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Grab bags of classroom supplies
  • A “Bravo Board” that features a different group of teachers each day & lists their favorite books, hobbies, etc.
  • Special song or dance (we’ve even seen some classrooms choreograph flash mobs honoring their favorite teacher!)

Additionally, consider giving yourself some extra time to prepare for next year’s Teacher Appreciation event by asking peers, parents, and other school faculty to complete a survey at the beginning of the school year. This will allow you to collect inspiration in advance so you’ll have plenty of ideas for recognition ready to go.

Parents - You Can Show Your Teachers Appreciation, Too

If you aren’t a member of your school’s PTO, or you’re looking for ways to engage other parents in praising the work of your school’s teachers, we have ideas for you, too! Gifts and experiences are one way to make your teachers or staff members see just how much their work is appreciated. There are also opportunities for community recognition by nominating your teachers for an award in your area.

Additionally, involve your children in crafting handmade tokens of appreciation for their teachers that are highly personalized. In just a few minutes, you can create a “superhero” JetBand® wristband for your child to hand to their favorite educator on National Teacher Day. Some other unique Jetband® themes/designs we love are:

  • “We are wild about you” (safari or animals)
  • “Thank you for helping me grow” (plants, trees, or flowers)
  • “You are out of this world” (rockets, planets, or space)
  • “You are one sweet teacher” (cookies, candy, or treats)

Being a teacher can’t be easy, and we can all agree that it comes with a lot of responsibility. But Teacher Appreciation Week and/or National Teacher Day doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive; it only needs to feel personal.

Are you using JetBands® wristbands to show appreciation at your school? Share your attention-grabbing ideas and be sure to tag us with #JetBands® on social media!

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