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Ideas & Uses > Making the Most of Winter Break with JetBands®

Many students look forward to winter break – until they exclaim, “I’m bored!”. What does a parent do? Or what activities can a teacher send home so that their students are productive in their studies? We have some ideas for how you can use your JetBands® for a range of uses this season.

keep all age groups content this winter break


Create a handful of activities that can be enjoyed by a range of age groups (hint – keep the peace between siblings!). Take any of the ideas we show below and type them up in our JetBands® online wristband designer tool. When a child is ready for a winter break activity, they can remove a wristband from the activity ring for themselves and for their friend.

Winter break is also a great time to dust off the family-friendly board games or even create your own game using team bracelets like in the photo above. When your household needs some quiet time, having a reading activity is always a good idea. Just design each JetBands® wristband with a different book title, and keep them in your designated reading corner.

wherever you and your students are headed, take jetbands® with you!

Students and teachers alike may be looking forward to winter break, but there are still plenty of fun educational activities to enjoy. Many schools take students to holiday theater performances, concerts, and onto field trips before the end of the year.

Wherever you and your students are headed, take JetBands® with you! Use them to list contact info, bus numbers, or to create a fun theme specific to your curriculum.  

Other ideas include:

Labels for PTO bake sale items
Team wristbands for sports tournaments
Wristbands for your carolers 

JetBands® for successful and fun events at your business

Outside of school programs, there are a number of ways to use JetBands® to get involved with community events. The month of December is a great time to do a special event or promotion for your business. Create a small giveaway for attendees of your event or just show your appreciation. We have even more ideas for you to use JetBands® for your community:

Public library events
Christmas parade
Christmas tree lighting 
Ice festival

It’s clear there are endless ways to bring creativity to your classroom or community activities – and even your home – this winter break. That’s why we want to offer you free shipping for a limited time on your JetBands® order from our website. There’s no promo code needed, but this special deal ends Dec. 20th, so hurry!

Don’t forget to share what you create with your JetBands® using our hashtag #JetBands or #HowDoYouJetBand. You’ll have the chance to be featured in our emails and social media, too. 

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