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Ideas & Uses > Spook Your Home with JetBands® this Halloween

From us at JetBands® – we wish you a spooky and fantastic Halloween this year! Below we share a roundup of our favorite Halloween ideas when it comes to JetBands®, entertaining, and family fun.

ready for halloween-themed craft night?

Us too! We pulled together our top favorites for using your JetBands® this Halloween. 

Halloween Beverage Labels

JetBands Halloween Beverage Tags

Let’s cheers! Planning a grown-up feeling Halloween party is actually quite easy. We took our JetBands® and instead of putting them on guests’ wrists, we decided to use them as labels for beverages. Face it – drinks get lost at parties. This way, you’ll waste less and your guests will know which drink is their own.

Halloween Monster Bracelets

JetBands Halloween Monster Bracelets

Don’t let the fact that we designed JetBands® to work with your inkjet printer deter you from thinking outside the box. Our monster bracelet idea gives you a new reason to break out the craft box, and allows your children to create whatever is in their imagination.

Festive Paper Pumpkins

JetBands Festive Pumpkins

Our decorative JetBands® pumpkins are a simple project that kids of any age can do! Keep them on your table, doorstep, or use string and create doorway garland.

Haunted House Party

JetBands Haunted House Wristbands

Do you want to bring a little “spook” into your home this Halloween? Once you have your theme and necessary props mapped out, it’s time to think about how you will manage your guests as they enter the party. We created fun VIP JetBands® wristbands with the “Creepster” font for extra effect.

Wicked Halloween 5K

JetBands Halloween 5K Bands

Perhaps you aren’t the type to host your own party – but a fun, community event instead. Since JetBands® are fully customizable, you can create event bracelets that fit your event’s theme or direct participants where to go. Organize a neighborhood 5K and even raise some money for charity all with print-at-home admission bands.

put the finishing touches on your halloween party

JetBands Halloween Party

The world of Halloween-themed appetizers, desserts, décor, crafts – and even music playlists – is so vast that we thought we would share our favorites across blogs and Pinterest. Give these amazing bloggers a visit to learn how they pulled off their impressive party details.


You might think celebrating Halloween stops at the faux cobwebs and bowls of candy, but you would be wrong. Check out the classy list of treats and drinks you can try on your own from Pure Wow.

Decór and Craft Projects

Let’s say your preferred Halloween costume is a homebody – feel no shame! Eighteen25 has you covered. We found fantastic ways to decorate your mantel or entryway this Halloween so that you can enjoy the holiday while also staying warm by the fire.


If you’re needing inspiration when it comes to your music playlists, look no further. Refinery 29 did the digging for you to find the top songs that fit in perfectly at your Halloween party.

enter our halloween photo contest today!

JetBands Photo Contest

Are you feeling inspired to jump into Halloween mode now? Good! We are running a month-long photo contest that’s all centered around your best Halloween-themed uses for JetBands®. Remember that JetBands® are sold at your local Walmart store in the office supplies aisle, as well as online. Once you have your Halloween JetBands® in action, make sure you snap a photo and enter our contest. Five lucky winners will win a $25 Amazon eGift Card. That’s so exciting, it’s scary!


We love seeing where creativity takes you with your JetBands®. Don’t forget to tag us with the hashtag #JetBands on social media so we can see your JetBands® in action!

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