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Ideas & Uses > Start Hopping into Spring with JetBands®

When the snow and bitter cold turns to rain, flowers, and sunshine, this can only mean one thing - springtime is finally here! And with the chilly, dreary days of winter behind us, we can focus more attention towards the events and pastimes that see us getting outside and being more active.

As your children and student’s calendars grow with a variety of activities, we know it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. So to help you feel more organized and get the most out of your spring-centric happenings, we explore some of our favorite ways to incorporate your own personalized JetBands® into the mix!

School Programs: Music, Art, Drama, and More


While you may already have a knack for creating lively and interactive music classes for your students, JetBands® are just another way to enhance the experience. Design and print your own paper bracelets to use as a teaching tool for music notes and symbols, or accompany rotating learning stations and partner activities. Or plan ahead for the start of the upcoming school year by creating team wristbands for singing games and ice-breakers; this will help new students acclimate to their classroom and fellow classmates.

But our own personal favorite is what we call “brag bracelets”. Brag bracelets can have sayings such as “I know the instrument families,” “I sang by myself today,” or “I passed my recorder test!” As your students achieve their goals, you have a quick and easy way to reward them for their hard work.


JetBands® wristbands are also an easy solution to managing admission to art shows, spring concerts, theater productions/plays, and graduation ceremonies. They can take the place of a traditional, free-standing ticket and have the option to be customized as well.

Exploring nature and getting active outside with scavenger hunts, field day, and more

With spring in full swing and summer on the horizon, we’re looking forward to the activities that allow our kids the opportunity to learn more about the outdoors. Let your students or kids explore nature at any age with a homemade scavenger hunt. Build the items or clues directly onto the JetBands® and watch the fun ensue. Download our ready-made template or take some tips and tricks from our video below.

Another great opportunity to take learning outdoors is through your annual Field Day event. Many schools setup obstacle courses, burlap sack races, or spoon relays to encourage physical exercise and team-building. Simplify your planning with JetBands® bracelets by constructing unique band designs to categorize the various teams, classes, or age groups participating.

Spring is also the last season of the school year to treat students to a field trip. Whether it be the aquarium, zoo, museum, planetarium, etc., getting kids in a new learning environment is always an enriching experience. To make the structuring of the excursion easy for you and enjoyable for your students, print the schedule or objectives for the outing directly onto Jetbands®. This way, no matter how distracted they might become with the various goings-on, your class will always have the instructions readily available at their fingertips. We have a pre-made template for your permission slips, too. 

Bust Boredom with Print-at-Home Activity Bracelets


For those days when you’re inundated with errands or household tasks but want to keep your kids occupied, combat boredom with printable activity wristbands. Take a few minutes to brainstorm with your child what kinds of activities would be fun to do independently. Then when you are required to step away, you can feel at ease knowing your kids are armed with healthy entertainment to keep them engaged and busy. We are big fans of the following ideas:

  • Pick a flower + paint a picture of it
  • Write a story starting with, “David had to…”
  • Draw a map of your school or home
  • Go to the park
  • Have a water fight in the backyard
  • Make a nature collage
  • Build a fort
  • Decorate the sidewalk with chalk

To create your activity wristbands, grab your blank JetBands® sheets, head to our online designer tool, choose your background theme, and start typing up your ideas. Once your “boredom busters” are printed, store however you’d like for quick and easy access on a rainy day!

As the weather warms and you start to feel that boost of spring fever, look to JetBands® wristbands to lead the way, whether it’s in your classroom activities or your personal leisure time. We would love to see how these ideas inspire you, so be sure to share your designs and tag us with the hashtag #JetBands!

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