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Ideas & Uses > How JetBands<sup>®</sup> Can Teach Kids Responsibility


Between homework, chores, and picking teams for kickball, kids are apt to forget to complete the little tasks that keep classrooms running smoothly. Print customized JetBands with helpful reminders for kids to wear home and that parents will notice on their kids’ wrists.

Bring snow gear for snowman-building contest tomorrow

Don’t forget snacks for Friday’s movie day!

Getting kids to remember to get permission slips signed or bring everything they need for special events are tough jobs for any educator.


Have mom or dad sign the permission slip for the Dairy Farm Visit 

Bring a brown-bag lunch for annual picnic on Friday

JetBands® are also useful for getting kids to study and to study the right topics. With a brightly colored wristband decorated with bold lettering and helpful hints, kids are more likely to remember to hit the books and ace the test.

Science test on Wednesday: review oceans, seas, and rivers

Study for Friday’s spelling test. Hint: the theme is Halloween

Eye-catching wristbands can enable kids to be more responsible by reminding them that taking tasks into their own hands can make their lives easier and more fun. Discover new ways to help students become responsible members of the classroom community with JetBands®.

Download Permission Slip Template

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