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Ideas & Uses > Use JetBands<sup>®</sup> to Build Healthier Habits

It feels great to finally be transitioning into warm weather, and even better to start moving outside again. If you’re looking to set some health goals for the summer, here are some ways that your JetBands® wristbands can help out.


Print JetBands® to Stay Hydrated 

For starters, we all agree we should drink more water. There are plenty of fancy apps to track your water consumption, but they can feel like just another thing to keep track of. With a simple water tracker wristband, you have the visual reminder all day long to get your eight glasses. As you finish a glass, you have the gratifying action of crossing one off your band, too.


JetBands® Are More Than Just Wristbands 

Wristbands may seem like something you wear as admission to events, but because of their convenience around your wrist, they can be used for so much more. Say you lead a summer workout class in the park every week and it’s a hassle to carry any extra supplies or equipment. Create JetBands® for your participants with the exercise routine listed and your students can look down at their wrist when they’re ready for the next step.

Want to know another health-focused solution you can solve with JetBands®? Welcome new members at your gym with a basic workout to start from on their first or second visit. Just list three to four recommended machines in the proper sequence and hand out the wristbands when the member checks in. Now they can reap the full benefits of their new membership and start a new habit with less frustration. 

Lastly, an important part of staying healthy this summer is finding your motivation. Motivational slogans are everywhere these days, but it’s important to have them in a place that you’ll see regularly. Heading on a run that you’re really dreading? Throw on that motivational wristband and keep on keepin’ on!

Start Designing Your JetBands

Don’t let summer pass you by before you get started on your health goals. One package of JetBands® can help you try out all of the ideas above – and you’ll start to feel great before you know it. JetBands® can be found in the office supplies aisle of Walmart stores across the U.S., so it's easy to get going on your ideas today. Check for your nearest store here.

Order JetBands Today

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