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Ideas & Uses for JetBands® tagged "Security"

From the classroom to craft nights at home, explore the many ways you can use JetBands®!

JetBands<sup>®</sup> for Field Trips
JetBands® for Field Trips

JetBands® are essential tools for class field trips and can make everyone’s field-trip experience safe, fun, and educational.

JetBands<sup>®</sup> as Hall Passes and Event Tickets
JetBands® as Hall Passes and Event Tickets

Use JetBands® instead of easy-to-lose tickets or easy-to-share hall passes.

JetBands<sup>®</sup> for Bachelorette Parties
JetBands® for Bachelorette Parties

Keep wedding costs down and the excitement up by using JetBands® at your bachelorette party.

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