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FOX 6 Real Milwaukee Gets Hands-On With JetBands

Brian Kramp from FOX 6’s Real Milwaukee segment is all about showcasing local businesses that bring something unique or special to the community. 

That includes learning about JetBands® and our parent company, Artemax. Did you know that the same material we used to manufacture our printable, DIY JetBands® is used for music festivals, sporting events, and destinations like the Milwaukee County Zoo or the SuperBowl?

Check out our live segment on FOX 6’s Real Milwaukee below to learn more about where you'll find Artemax wristbands.

Don’t forget! Our two hot-selling products are now available in Walmart stores across the U.S.:

JetBands® Printable Wristbands

100-count Tyvek® Wristbands in Neon Green, Blue, and Red

White Swoosh 2