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Step 1 - Design

Go to to design your wristbands.  You're already here - good job! Click the 'Online Designer' tab to begin!

Step 2 - Load

Insert JetBands® sheets into your paper tray. Note: We highly recommend viewing or downloading the JetBands® paper-loading guide to ensure the JetBands® sheets are loaded into the printer's paper tray correctly. Failure to do so may result in wasted sheets.

Step 3 - Print

Print the file using your desired print settings. Note: Set Page Scaling setting to NONE.

Step 4 - Allow Sheet to Dry

After you print your JetBands®, allow at least 2 minutes for your wristband sheets to dry before handling them.   

Step 5 - Tear & Wear

Remove the half-inch margins.  Tear the wristbands apart at the perforations and enjoy!

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