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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  • Are JetBands® waterproof?

    JetBands® are water-resistant but not waterproof. If they get too wet, the ink will start to bleed!

  • Do JetBands® need to dry after being printed?

    Yes, we recommend allowing the JetBands® to rest for at least 2 minutes after they have printed. (The more color and / or graphics, a longer rest period may be warranted)

  • Can I print on the colored sections of the Variety Pack JetBands®?

    Not really.

    The colors won't show up how you want them to. For best results, printed on the designated imprint area.

  • How do I get my design to print full page?

    Uncheck "fit to size" or make sure the scale is at 100% before you print. If you are printing right from your web browser, here are some shortcuts for finding this setting. Once your printer dialog box pops, do the following steps:

    Chrome: Click "more settings" and change scale to 100%

    Safari: Next to "orientiation" is "scale", set to 100%

    Firefox: Click "show details". Next to "orientation" is "scale", set to 100%

    Internet Explorer: Under "page sizling and handling" is "custom scale', set to 100%

  • Is my printer compatible with JetBands®?

    Jetbands® are compatible with all inkjet printers.

  • How can I design my JetBands®?

    Get creative and design your full color template on our Online Desiger or Download a blank template here. 


  • Which direction do I put the JetBands® sheets into my printer?

    That depends on the symbol on the paper tray of your printer. Please refer to the symbol guide included with your JetBands® or found here.

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