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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  • Are JetBands waterproof?

    JetBands are water-resistant but not waterproof. If they get too wet, the ink will start to bleed!

  • Do JetBands need to dry after being printed?

    Yes, we recommend allowing the JetBands to rest for at least 2 minutes after they have printed. (The more color and / or graphics, a longer rest period may be warranted)

  • Can I print on the colored sections of the Variety Pack JetBands?

    Not really.

    The colors won't show up how you want them to. For best results, printed on the designated imprint area.

  • Is my printer compatible with JetBands?

    Jetbands are compatible with all inkjet printers.

  • How can I design my JetBands?

    Get creative and design your full color template on our Online Desiger or Download a blank template here. 


  • Which direction do I put the JetBands sheets into my printer?

    That depends on the symbol on the paper tray of your printer. Please refer to the symbol guide included with your JetBands or found here.

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