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Ideas & Uses > Best Kid Birthday Party Ideas: Hand-picked by JetBands®

JetBands for Kid Birthday Party

Choose a birthday party theme that keeps you birthday boy or girl and their friends entertained and having a blast – while also encouraging adults to mingle and have a great time, too. Below we share our top picks for kid birthday party themes. We also include our own tips for including JetBands® wristbands for a party to remember! 

Want a no-fail way to liven up an indoor birthday party?

JetBands Kid Birthday Party

Incorporate lots of colors, rainbows, or unicorns to your party’s theme. We loved the way the allmomdoes blog took the popular unicorn trend and infuses it into every detail. 

Looking for another way to bring in some color? Create personalized JetBands® party wristbands for each guest using our built in rainbow theme. Include each child’s name and your birthday girl or boy can have fun handing them out as friends arrive.

Send them on a treasure hunt 

In the past, your child’s birthday party may have been a bit less structured with activities. As your children grow older, they are more excited to have planned games or activities with their friends and may even request them. What do we recommend? A treasure hunt themed birthday party!

This theme has all of the elements: teamwork, mystery, and of course treasure. Additionally, it can be held year-around (indoors or outdoors) and can be scaled for nearly any age group or party size.

Now how do you keep track of all of those small treasure hunt clues? Download our InDesign template and you can individually design all 100 wristbands that come in your JetBands® package with each clue. When each child discovers a clue, they can attach the wristband to their wrist and keep on track for finding the coveted treasure.

keeping on the theme of color...

Here's a great Splatter Paint birthday party theme from the Play. Party. Plan. blog. There are endless directions you can take this theme, and all of them can be hands-on for your birthday child’s friends.

JetBands for Kid Birthday Party

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be throwing the perfect birthday party. That’s why we recommend you setup a splatter station with paint-themed activities and games so the kids can create their own fun!

What about wristbands for dividing into teams to play party games? You can either have party JetBands® already pre-made using our splatter theme (available in eight different colors), or set up a tablet for each child to design and print their own using our online designer tool.

Whether your child and their friends are more craft-oriented or prefer to stay busy with games of all sorts, we hope you find our blog inspiring and helpful. Make sure you check out the blogs mentioned above, and tag us with the hashtag #JetBands with your next birthday bash!


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