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Ideas & Uses > Get Moving Outside with JetBands®!

Spring has officially arrived! At JetBands®, we’re excited for the shift toward outdoor activities for kids and adults alike. Below, we share a few of our favorite uses when it comes to sports teams, tournaments, or community events that get us all physically active outdoors.

Build a Great Team with JetBands®

The spring season brings with it plenty of sports that JetBands® are great for including: Lacrosse, swimming, diving, softball, volleyball, track and field, etc. One of our favorite ideas is adding your team name or players’ names to each athlete’s wrist for extra team spirit or motivation.

Since JetBands® wristbands are tear-resistant, water-resistant, and made from strong DuPont™️ Tyvek® material, they will hold up to nearly everything your athletes take them through. That’s why we love the idea of creating bracelets to celebrate an exciting accomplishment like:

  • Defeating a rival team
  • Qualifying for sectional, regional or state championships
  • Beating a team goal

With the busy world of try-outs, practices, games/matches, and tournaments, it’s easy to see why parents and coaches are always looking to stay more organized. Since JetBands® can be designed and printed in a matter of minutes, they are great for quickly designating scrimmage teams, labeling sports equipment, or recognizing your MVPs after a big game.

JetBands® Are Cool For Adult Sports, Too

Adults love sports too, so what about JetBands® for the grown-ups? We have some ideas for that, too! For your coed softball, kickball, ultimate frisbee or basketball leagues, you can easily split into teams using JetBands® or quickly identify your team captain, for example.

Additionally, adventure clubs, volleyball, dodgeball, pickleball soccer, flag football, and bowling leagues are all prime activities for highlighting your team members with a custom bracelet.

JetBands® for Community Sporting Events, Groups, or Organizations

What about more public events or fundraisers such as 5Ks, marathons, bike races, or run clubs? Each participant or pace group can wear a unique JetBand design to detail the competitive wave they are a part of or to advertise the event’s sponsors.

An even simpler way to use our printable wristbands for event management is by tracking attendance or donations so that you can plan accordingly for the following year.

Ready to take Our JetBands® Ideas and Run?

We have six uniquely different sports-themed backgrounds for you to choose from inside our online designer tool. Additionally, there are 120 other background themes that can be customized for your exact theme, participants or athletes, and more.

Have a great JetBands® design to share? Make sure you tag us with #JetBands on your social media posts. Or, send us an email at for the chance to be featured in our blogs and on our social media feeds.

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