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Ideas & Uses > Bring Everyone Together This Holiday with JetBands®

It’s a busy time of year! That’s why we thought you might appreciate some bite-sized ideas for using your JetBands® for extra fun activities at school and at home. Below, we have a round-up of our favorite ideas that you can try out in less than 15 minutes.



Between November and January, there are an exciting number of holidays that make this time of year a blast. Aside from the well-known holidays like Christmas or Chanukah, there are some other special holidays that can inspire your classroom activities.

Thanksgiving – Nov. 22nd

Put together a simple bulletin board and ask students to fill in on their JetBand what they are thankful for this week, month, or year. Then step back and look at all of the gratitude your students have! Or – send each student home with their thankful JetBand so they can share with their family at the Thanksgiving table.

National Gingerbread House Day – Dec. 12th

Are you looking for a way to get students to collaborate across grade levels? Why not throw a Gingerbread Party in honor of Gingerbread House Day on Dec. 12th. Use your JetBands® as either admission to the party, or as decoration throughout the classroom.

Winter Solstice – Dec 21st

For your older students, you can make the yearly astronomical event – Winter Solstice – an interactive activity. Each student can wear a wristband with the coordinates the sun travels through until it shines directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. Your students will feel part of the lesson and gain a better understanding of the Winter Solstice.

National Thank You Note Day – Dec. 26th

What makes JetBands® so cool? The creator can wear them – or gift them! For National Thank You Note Day, use JetBands® rather than traditional cardstock. Allow students to wear their thank you notes from teachers or peers right on their wrists and watch their faces light up.


Heading your school’s PTO or other important organizations provides plenty of opportunities for using JetBands® in a fun and easy way. Do you have school craft nights or other family-oriented events coming up? Use our online designer tool to customize wristbands as a take-home or use them to carry the message beyond your event.  

For example, let’s say you’re leading a workshop for families to talk about tech use. JetBands® wristbands could be used as a way to limit tech time at home, while teaching kids about the important of moderation.


Lastly, how are you preparing your classroom and home for the New Year? Let your students design their own New Year party wristbands or have each child type out their New Year resolutions for 2019. Add each wristband to a resolution chain in your classroom that all students can see, or send the wristbands home over holiday break. Each student can wear their JetBands® home and share with family their reading goals, for example.

For your end-of-year fundraisers, don’t forget JetBands®! Thank your donors or sponsors with a message they can wear on their wrist. They will feel proud to wear it and awareness around your fundraiser will spread to everyone they encounter.

Now that the holiday season is in full-swing, what you are you excited to use your JetBands® for? Share with us by email or by tagging us on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

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