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Ideas & Uses > JetBands<sup>®</sup> for Field Trips

Keep your classroom happy, creative, and organized!

JetBands® are essential tools for class field-trips and can make everyone’s field-trip experience safe, fun, and educational.

For a simple way to stay organized, create wristbands that list the school, teacher’s name or chaperone, and a phone number to call in case a child gets lost.

Mrs. Johnson's Class. If lost, contact Sue at 555-555-5555.

You can also print more detailed information such as bus numbers and grades, so young kids don’t have to remember pesky details and can focus on learning and exploring.

Lisa Smith - Grade 3 - Sunnyside Elementary - Bus 4

For students who need a little extra attention, print a list of allergies or medications on their wristbands, so any adult who chaperones them can keep them safe.

Allergies: peanuts, strawberries, and bee stings

Finally, consider designing custom trip schedules and printing them on JetBands®. Design “My Museum Schedule” or “My Trip to the Animal Shelter” wristbands with a list of sights to see so kids feel less overwhelmed and stay within time constraints.

My Museum Schedule: Dinosaurs > European Village > Lunchtime > Butterfly Wing > Rainforests > Meet at Buses

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