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Ideas & Uses > Games and Activities with JetBands<sup>®</sup>


JetBands® offer endless possibilities for wearing, but they’re also great for facilitating games and activities, especially on rainy days, during indoor recesses, or in late summer when kids get restless.

A simple but well-planned scavenger hunt can keep kids busy all afternoon. Start kids out with a single JetBand that tells them to “find a flower,” "look for a clover," or “find something yellow.” As they return to you with the appropriate treasures from nature, give them a new band with new instructions.

Alternatively, you can pre-hide wristbands around the house, yard, or playground that are designed to guide kids from hiding spot to hiding spot. Try relatively simple prompts such as “where Dad leaves his shoes” or "your sister’s favorite cereal” so kids can follow the trail of clues and collect JetBands® as they go.

You can also play memory and matching games with JetBands® by creating a few different designs, printing two of each, and mixing them up in a pile or grid. The designs can help kids practice colors and patterns or can go deeper by testing knowledge of animals, state capitals, multiplication tables, or other topics.

Customize each wristband with a prompt and a coordinating band with its answer. For example, label one band “New York” or “4 x 12” and put “Albany” or “48” on a second band.

JetBands® also lend themselves to re-vamped versions of Go Fish!, Capture the Flag, charades, relay races, tag, and all kinds of games.

Download Nature Scavenger Hunt Template

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