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Ideas & Uses > JetBands® | Wow The Bride With the Ultimate Bridal Shower

So you were asked to organize a bridal shower...

Don’t fret! We understand you’re both excited to help out your family and friends on this exciting day, but also might feel a bit overwhelmed.

Below, we share a few tips that you can easily incorporate into your bridal shower planning to make things fun and easy on you. Believe it or not, JetBands® printable Tyvek® wristbands can actually make all of these ideas come to life! Keep reading to learn how.

bring everyone together with fun games and activities 

JetBands Bridal Shower

For your friend or sister’s bridal shower, you’ll want to have a few activities that bring everyone together to share and have some fun. However, in the world of endless Pinterest boards, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. Our customizable, print-at-home JetBands® make it incredibly easy to create a number of activities all in one sitting.  

We recommend starting with a simple activity that asks guests to fill-in-the-blanks with advice and wishes for the bride-to-be. This is a cute way to share both sincere wishes for the couple, while also bringing some laughter into the day, too.

Once your guests have finished their mad-libs style questionnaire, have everyone vote on the best one. When the winner is decided, hand over an adorable nail polish color as a reward for creating the most memorable answers.

celebrate the bride...and the bridal party with jetbands!

JetBands Bridal Shower

Bridal shower guests want to feel included in this special celebration for the bride-to-be. As guests enter the party, why not have custom wristbands ready for each guest to wear?

Downloading our template for Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator allows to take your JetBands® designs one step further. Once you are in our template, you’re able to customize each individual bracelet, rather than an entire sheet of one design. Customize from beginning to end on your computer, or start with a great custom background and allow your guests to write in their own names, titles, or funny nicknames.

take your jetbands along for the bachelorette party

JetBands Bridal Shower

Now that you’ve designed your JetBands® for the bridal shower, it’s time to take them out on the town. Our favorite bachelorette-themed wristband designs include: I Do Crew, Bride Squad, or Team Bride bracelets.

Making the bride-to-be – and her friends and family – feel special doesn’t need to cost a fortune. In one package of JetBands®, you’ll have 100 wristbands to design as you’d like. That means you’re able to make every single guest feel appreciated, all while offering your sister or friend a personalized party she’ll remember forever.

bridal party planners deserve to have fun, too!

JetBands Bridal Shower

Don’t spend another minute worrying about pulling off the perfect bridal shower. Stop by Walmart, pick up a package of JetBands®, and start designing at home. Your friends and family will wonder how you pulled off such a creative party to officially celebrate the bride-to-be! 

Find the nearest Walmart with JetBands® in stock here. Or place your order on our website below. 

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