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Ideas & Uses > Start 2019 Fresh with JetBands®

Wave a friendly goodbye to 2018 – and say hello to 2019! We’re excited to share all of the ways you can start a New Year at home and in the classroom with JetBands®. Read below to learn more. 

make new year's resolutions interactive 

Do you want to start the New Year fresh with fun and positive resolutions in your classroom? They can be a valuable teaching moment for your students, and we bet parents will be excited to get involved.

So how do you bring the New Year spirit into your school, classroom, or after-school programs? Start by taking a poll from your students – what do they already know about New Year's resolutions and what things are they excited to work towards? Their answers will give you an idea how you should frame your activities so that they are exciting for everyone. 

Once your students have decided the New Year's resolutions they would like to work on, you can:

  1. Share students' resolutions on your New Year resolution bulletin board
  2. Hand each student a JetBand bracelet to fill in with their own resolution 
  3. Build a countdown chain to January, 1st 2019 
  4. Ask students to contribute to a 2018 time capsule and reflect on the first half of the school year

important school reminders made easy

There can be a lot to juggle when it comes to preparing for parent-teacher conferences. If you’re looking for a way to get your parents on board early, we have a JetBands® wristband template that we think you will love.

Our “teacher reminder” design allows you to fill in the necessary details and print them off in a matter of minutes. Then simply send home your students with a wristband stating the details of the next parent-teacher conference and ask them to share their new bracelet with parents.

end of the year classroom activities

Although it’s not quite the end of the school year, holiday break can be a great way to add some fun to the middle of the school year. When your students are itching for holiday break, there are some quick ways to keep your students engaged and learning:

  1. Design a treasure hunt using Jetbands® as clues; students can put them as they discover them
  2. Designate theme days as part of the last week countdown
  3. Coordinate classroom cleaning duties or teams 

We hope our quick and easy ideas for a DIY New Year’s celebration inspired you. Do you have JetBands® ideas of your own you’d like to share? We want to hear from you – and feature you. Send us an email at, or use our hashtag on social media: #JetBands.

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