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Ideas & Uses > Tips & Tricks For Designing Your JetBands®

Here at JetBands®, we know that many of our readers are pretty talented DIYers. That’s why we wanted to share all of the ways that our online designer tool is setup to allow you endless creativity for your designs. Below, learn how you can upload your own graphics or logos, save your own graphics for later, and even how to share them with your friends.

upload your own graphics, logos, and images

The JetBands® website has a vast clip art library for you to browse and add to your designs. However, our online designer tool is also setup for you to upload your own images or graphics.

When you reach step 3: “Graphics”, click the “Add Graphic” button to get started. Simply click “change” under the “no logo” graphic and your graphic options will open up. Navigate to “upload” and here you will see buttons for locating your images in the following locations:

Your Computer

Have you already uploaded graphics or images before and want to save time? Navigate to “My Art” and you’ll find your previously uploaded files available. Select the file you want to use and it will show up on your JetBand design.

love your jetband design? save it for later or share it with friends

Now let’s say you’ve created a design you want to reuse again in the future. Good news: it’s really easy to save your designs. Once your JetBands® design is ready, click the “save” button above your wristband proof. You will then see the menu “My Designs” pop up, and this is where your saved design will live.

If you have a birthday party coming up and you want to show off the JetBands® you’ve created for party guests, you can share your design with friends. In the menu above your JetBand design is the “share” button. Here you will have the option to share on the following social networks:

Google +

what's new at

Did you know we have new themes for you to choose from? Check them out below.


What other themes do you want to see? We know it’s nice to have pre-made designs ready for when you are short on time. Share with us what background or themes you’d like to see at

show us how you jetband

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